Friday, September 30, 2011

It has been a  bit since I have been online.  While getting right into my gymn workouts, I pulled something in my hamstring and have been suffering with nerve pain.  It is really hard to sit or sleep but I am hoping it will go away soon. 

Hey, all you wonderful Canadian shoppers!  I want to tell you about a new Online Shop I came across recently right here.  It is so great to see more Canadian Online Shops and I needed a bit a fabric that Jennifer had so I placed an order and received it in 5 days.  She also just had a fantastic giveaway, but I didn't win, but that's okay because I just love visiting her blog and shop.  I hope you will stop buy and do some shopping, you will be so happy with her fabric and service.

I have been doing the Doll Quilt Swap over at the Quilting Board for a few months now.  It is just so much fun and the creative ideas post as so fabulous.  Here are my August and September quilts I received.

They are both sooo cute.  I plan to display these in my boring sewing room, as my daughter tells me.

I did another thing I shouldn't have this month.  I bought a Singer model 404 with attachments, manual, automatic buttonholer, automatic zigzagger and in a nice little cabinet for $35.00.  I haven't taken any pictures yet.  Got the little machine shinned up and she runs like a dream.  I am still working on the cabinet and now it's ready for the Danish Oil finish.  I have another purchase from this spring I haven't shown  and it weighs close to 40 lbs, solid cast iron, a japan clone called "Fabric".  I plan to put this one in the cabinet just because it is too heavy to lift up and down off the table.  The new 404 is about 18lbs so it will become a portable.  I will get some pictures done this weekend.

I need to get off my sore butt!  I see that Dragonfly has joined as a follower, thanks!  I love to see new people and some comments.  
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