Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hi all you wonderful readers, thanks for stopping by when I haven't even been around.  That pain in the butt has been really bad but I am getting a shot tomorrow.

October is Women's Cancer Awareness month and I hope all you ladies are getting your paps and breast screenings on a regular basis.  Our community is full of fundraising activities and I am helping with a coffee hour on Friday.  We hope to gather a few people to help with chemo hats, mastectomy pillows, quilts and anything else they might want to make.  Three of my quilts went to pallitive care this week, it is a sad feeling in my heart but I hope the quilts bring them some comfort for the time they have left.

We got the new Singer 404 cleaned up and the cabinet refinished.  The 404 sews so smoothly and the "tank" Fabric has a new home in the cabinet.  Here are a couple pictures.

The cabinet has no drawers so I was lost with what to do with all my junk I need to have around me.  My solution was this quilting caddy that turned out really great and was very easy to make.  If you want to make one , here is where you can find the directions http:// projects. The link doesn't work so you'll have to type it in.  It is in a pdf file.
I love the window screening I used as you can see where your things are.  I altered the size a bit from the directions to fit over a large coffee tin.  The center can collection the garbage and thread.

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