Monday, February 27, 2012

I belong to a Doll Quilt swap over at the Quilting Board and I received 2 quilts last week.  The first was from my partner Linda in Ireland who sent me this lovely Celtic Knot along with a magazine and a coin purse.  Just look at the beautiful fabrics in the coin purse, fabrics sure differ from what I see in stores in Canada.  We were suppose to tell something about where we live and I did an elevator with a border of wheat for Saskatchewan. 

My second quilt was from Leslie in WI for February.  Her mini log cabin is so outstanding with the dotted background she used.  I made a mini Pineapple Quilt and bordered it with a black/red fabric.

I also got a new camera for my upcoming birthday.  It's a Cannon and quite an upgrade from my little Kodac.  I am doing a lot better learning this camera than my first digetal. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Few Changes

I have been working on my blog and you might notice the postings for the Quilt Along are gone...not really, I have them under the Quilt Along Headings.  From now on, I will be posting my quilt pictures under the heading Quilts and offering any quilts I have for sale under Shop.  I am not going to open my Etsy Shop for a while but if there is something you really like, please contact me to discuss.  I am focusing on selling locally right now and getting my name around the community.

I showed you my fabrics for my first modern quilt, well here is my first block.  I will be making 4 or 5 of these to use in a straight line format.  This will be a row quilt.

I just received an order with the wonderful panel The Lorex included.  I have a couple blocks made to test and I really love it.  This quilt will be for sale when finished.

I have a couple finished quilts to the Quilt page.

So while I have been missing, I have been busy.  It is hard to stay busy right now with temperatures above freezing, no ice, no snow....I love it! and I am out walking 3 times a week.  Boy, I will be in such good shape by spring and maybe a few pounds lighter.  Have a great week everyone.