Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I actually got a UFO finished in July. This has been a UFO for quite some time. My friend died of a second round of cancer almost 2 years ago and when she was too ill to sew anymore, she asked if I would finish up a few things for her, this quilt being one. I have taken it out so many times and just couldn't work on it, I just miss her so much. Last week I decided this is it but every step was challenged. I wasn't real crazy about the colors and thought it somewhat wild, but with it finished, I like it. So what do you think?

I have been messing around with some other blocks that I received last year on a BB exchange.  I had a theme, Summertime Fun and the blocks were just great.  I don't really need another quilt so I am taking some of them and making them into placemats. I have 2 done and I think they are very pretty.
I also use these small projects to try new quilting designs on.  The one on the right in the purple section I did a dense paisely design and on the left in the purple some straight line stitching.  I hope I can get a few more done before we call summer over.

Hope you are having a great day and some quilting is part of it.  Chat with you again soon.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I was at the end of my post so I have to continue on a new one.  I wanted to show you the little quilt I sent my friend.
I have a new partner for July but I forgot to take a picture before I sent it so I don't know if you will ever see it.

I bought my first magazine this year because it actually had 5 things I would like to make.  I started kitting up this strip quilt.  By kitting, I mean I have done the cutting, some piecing and can continue to sew at when time allows without much mess.  I learned this from Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville who travels lots and does this to sew in hotels during her travel.  I like doing this and it is amazing how much you can get done in little spurts of sewing.
Here are my blocks, a bit brighter

I think I am going to use navy sashing with a lime green cornerstone and a red circle appliqued on top.

Hi, I know I have been away again but here is my reason....

Yep, more flowers and this is my new burgandy lily, isn't is just beautiful.  And, here is my best buddy sharing the shade with me.  I hope you have a favorite spot to enjoy some summer time and it is slipping by fast.  I don't know of one area in North America that has not had some sort of severe weather.  I hope each one that has been through tough times is making a comeback and we all support you.
I joined a Doll Quilt Swap on The Quilting Board in June.  I have met just a super friend and we have been stressing out together while Canada Post had their strike and backlog of mail to deal with.  Here is my beautiful quilt, card and neck cooler I received.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer is definitely here and I am loving all the very warm, dry weather with lots of sunshine.  Today was all about berries, quilts, much better can it get.

I have picked my first dish of strawberries, just enough for me and so tasty.

Now, I have my favorite little spot in the yard where I love to go any time of the day.  I can enjoy my morning coffee or the cool afternoon shadows and enjoy my beautiful flowers.  Just had too much sun today to get a good picture of the roses in full bloom.

I have a couple new quilts to add to my Etsy Shop.  You can view by clicking here.  It has taken all spring to get decent photos taken.  Here are a couple shots

I was part of a Doll Quilt Swap on the Quilting Board for June.  My partner and I are still waiting for our quilts to arrive.  The post office is not doing anything speedy because they are not happy with their settlement.  I can't post my picture of this cute quilt I made.  As far as other project I added a piano key border to a string quilt so it is now ready to quilt.  I have a collection of summer theme blocks I received through a Birthday Block Swap and I have selected a few to make into summer place mats.  You can see the first one under my dish of strawberries.  I hope to do some more work on them this week.

I hope you are enjoying summer whether it be BBQ supper, holiday at the cottage, whatever it may be, may it be a great time .

Monday, July 4, 2011

The holiday is over and I am happy to be back.  I hope many of you have some exciting summer plans.  We took in some of our local Canada Day celebrations and the fire works were spectular.  Today, we hope our US friends have enjoyed a special July 4th celebration.

The postal strike is ended and what a relief.  It did nothing but create stress for those of us trying to ship parcels, letters, etc. to only find the government had locked the employees out.  We are only received 2 pieces of mail of any value since the workers were ordered back to work. 

I have taken part in the Quilting Board Doll Quilt Swap.  I have a wonderful partner Carron who lives in California.  We have enjoyed many messages to each other trying to figure out when it should be safe to mail our mini quilts.  They are gone off to their new homes but I cannot share a picture of my little darling I sent to Carron until she receives it, soon I am hopeful.  Now I am into the July Doll Quilt Swap with a new partner, Linny of Minnesota.  I have hers nearly done and it is very small.  I can hardly wait to get it off in the mail to her.

Another new adventure for this summer is a Postcard Swap.  I am in a group with 3 others doing a swap of "what is in your picnic basket".  I have never made a postcard so it should be interesting.  I went in search of a large piece of Peltex I had but I am fearful that ,not knowing what it actually was, I have thrown it out.  Oh dear, not a place in my town to buy fabric let alone Peltex.  I will try fusing together some pieces of cotton to see if I can get it stiff enough.  I am looking forward to this.  This is my type of break from making quilts during the summer.

I have done one small Charity project, Chemo hats.  A friend phoned me saying the local Cancer Office didn't have any chemo hats on hand and would I make some for a former employee.  Well they know me, of course and the next day I was off to the hospital to chat with the OR nurses about their cute hats they wear.  One was so kind and gave me one of hers to keep and take apart for a pattern.  I then had to search for some good fabric that would be cool during the summer months and came up with a nice jersey knit, a seersucker aqua cotton, and a red rayon.  I made 12 over the weekend and got  them delivered promptly.

I will share a secret with you.  I made a small quilt and made a mess of it.  I truly mean a real mess.  I even went to Christina of "A Few Scraps" for some help.  Then I prepared to rip out all the stitching I had done.  Shield your eyes, here it is!

See in the bottom left hand corner, that's were the worst is.  I have ripped everything out from the green checkerboard up.  Christina and others have suggested using a white thread on the white background using a dense pattern of paisley, flowers and add some butterflies, snails, worms, etc.  They have excited me and I am madly practicing some dense stitching.  I am not ready yet to go back to this finished item, just might muck it up again.  This is what is so wonderful about blogging and having so many great friends on the Internet.  You can get honest feedback on a problem as well as encouragement to keep working at it.  I would normally chuck this mess but I felt I had done a good job sewing the blocks together and it was worth having a second chance.

I am really tired out tonight so I am going to sign off.  I will try and return tomorrow with some pictures of something I have finished or something new I have started.  I hope each of you have a wonderful evening.