I made my first garment at age 11, with some assistance.  Like most moms, I sewed clothes for many years.  My DH supports my addictions to fabric, quilting, and vintage sewing machines morally and financially.  I am lucky to have my own sewing space.  I own 3 vintage machines, a 1904 singer treadle, a 1953 featherweight and a recent purchase of a singer clone "Fabric" similar to a class 15-91.  I do FM stippling on my treadle and hope the "Fabric" likes FM too.

We have a grown daughter, not married without children.  To compensate for grandkids, we have visitation rights to her lovely golden retriever, Hudson.  Just like grandkids, a day with him and you are ready to send him home.  There is also a feisty cat , Samantha, who ruled the house until Hudson arrived and she was promptly bumped off her throne.  It took her 5 years before she would trust him and now they are best friends.  I named my blog after her because she needs a little glory spot too.  By the way, my name is Jeane.

My interest in colors, designs are really changing and I find I like brighter colors and modern designs vs the more traditional ones.  I have never designed anything, but with all the inspiration on this internet, I won't rule out any new challenge.