Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I am really embarrassed to post today confessing to my lack of posting at all this year.  I am surprised if anyone will even read this post.

Firstly, for the past year and half I have been laid up waiting for a hip replacement.  Unknowingly that I had an Aorta heart valve problem, it got cancelled again and I had heart surgery in February.  It was very successful and I am feeling much better with the new valve.  Then it was more wait time until my health could stand the hip surgery.  I have now had that and I am recovering well. 

Back in April many of us in |Canada had our computers invaded when we were submitting our income tax electronically.  Well, we got caught in that and it cost us $200. to get the computer fixed.  I am still having some unresolved problems, like I can upload pictures to my blog, but I can't get them to display in my posting.  I have one below that I got posted but it has been the only one.  Do any of you have any suggestions of what I might do....I am not to computer savey myself.  My thought is to set up a new blog?

With all of this going on in my life, I have done very little sewing all year.  Now with my health recovering, I expect to get more involved with quilting again.  Below is a tote bag I started in February by making the hexi flowers.  I love the neutral colors and turned this into a tote bag.  Connie over here at Freemotion by the River has a great tutorial to add a zipper closing.  I added one to my bag and found her instructions very easy to follow and it turned out perfect.

If you have lasted this are a great listener and thank you.  I will keep up my posts even without pictures until I  get this problem figured out.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

I want to send each of you a heartfelt wish for a healthy and joyous Christmas holiday.  I treasure each and every person who stops by and reads my blog which has created many friendships for me across the miles of our great country.  I am truly looking forward to 2014, a new year always brings new opportunities.

The turkey is out of the oven as we prepare to enjoy this wonderful meal with family and friends.  I hope your day is blessed in the same way. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New BagI

I just wanted to show you the neatest little bag I have ever found.    I saw a tutorial titled "SOCK SACK" BAG.  Of course, curious me just had to check this out further and here it is.

There is a new pattern out where you can knit 2 socks at a time but you need 2 separate balls of wool.  This cute bag has 2 compartments, one for each ball of wool along with a centre zipper pocket to carry your knitting accessories.

 There are also two strap, one on each side, to guide your wool.  It is not  very big and my 2 fat balls of wool fill it full.  Here is what I am working on right now, a faux fair isle doll sweater.  I like the doll size clothes as it doesn't take much time to rip out my many mistakes!  This sweater will fit an American Girl 18" doll.  I found a beautiful 18" porcelain doll at a church rummage sale so she is my model.  When she has an outfit to wear, I will post a pic of her.   I tried the bag to keep my 5 balls of wool I had going at one point untangled.  I think it helped quite a bit but they still got twisted.  I am doing the yolk now and it has raglan sleeves and a turtle neck finish.  It buttons in the back so it is easy for a child to put on the doll.   This one project covers quite a few techniques for me to learn.  It is really fun. I forgot to mention you can purchase the pattern on Crafty, made by Ramona Rose.  She did an excellent job on the pattern instructions.

Last year I started stitching some granny square blocks.  My mother-in-law crocheted my daughter a blanket in this pattern.  I thought it would be nice to have a matching quilt.  I got about 9 blocks made and ran out of small print fabrics.  Over time, when I came across an appropriate fabric, I made a few more blocks.  This week I have a total of 20 finished.  This is all I am doing at this point.  This is one of my kit projects for the new year while I am recovering from my 2nd hip surgery.  Here are my 20 blocks..

Hope you enjoy my new projects.  Have a great week everyone.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blogathon, Canada

I can't believe fall is almost gone and snow anticipated tonight!  But with fall comes Blogathon, Canada and Flo from Buterfly Quilting here is the host for Saskatchewan.  Thanks so much Flo.  The event starts November 18 - 23 so be sure to check out all the bloggers.  I have taken most of the year off and this is a perfect opportunity to get back connected with the quilting world and my friends and followers.

I am just finishing up the final touches on my Christmas charity project of my doll (pixy girl), bed and storage chest.  I have had so much fun with this and she is collecting quite a wardrobe.  I found most of my patterns on the internet, some I paid for but that is okay because everything doesn't need to be free!  I am new to knitting and have learned so many new techniques that I feel brave enough to try something a bit bigger this winter.

In January I am having my second hip replacement and that will be a perfect time to start a new knitting project.  This is my right hip so I may not be able to cruise along sewing string blocks.  I know right now that one of my first outings will be to the knitting group at the library.  The building is easy access with good parking and they have a wheelchair for patron use.  I am making some sewing kits that I can sew on one of my vintage machines without destroying the house with cutting scraps.

I have one small quilted bag started that I am going to work on tonight once I sign off here.  I'll be back with some pictures.

Here are some recent shots of Pixygirl.  Have a great weekend everyone.
She is sooo cute!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Computer Crash

Just what I don/t need this heat spell and need to work on sewing projects.  I had quite a few corrupted files and when I was fixing them I somehow deleted my one and only profile...poof, there I was gone and could no longer get into my computer.  After some discussions with the fixit man and an estimated $250. repair bill, I bought a new laptop.  Now I have to learn all about Windows 8, back to Explorer Internet and it goes on and on.  I came close to smashing it today!

So, hopefully in a couple days, I will have myself organized.

I can use any words of wisdom and encouragement right now.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hi everyone, I am around busy getting organized for my Christmas Craft Show in November.  I am on the surgery list AGAIN....for my second hip so hopefully that happens in September.  I am getting my house prepared for Christmas, a bit of cleaning and my shopping organized.  Boy is it hard to find anything in the clothing line that has any quality in a small community.  I will be having my surgery in Saskatoon and will be going there for a preop session so maybe I will be able to shop a  bit there.

No pictures today but I have knitted quite a few outfits for [pixy girl and some cute shoes in various sizes mainly because I make mistakes and end up with one shoe bigger than the know how this is going.  I haven't done much sewing of any kind all summer and that was my take a break.  I have a beautiful flower bed that has been bursting with color all summer.

Remember a while back I was telling you how annoyed I get with the doves in our neighborhood?  A few weeks back we had 3 small type of hawks (or small falcons) move in and boy we haven't see a dove.  They say nature takes care of it's own so maybe the dove cycle is over....yeah!  Bye for now.

Friday, June 14, 2013

New Quilt Design

Of course by now you all know I use my charity quilts to practice a new quilt design.  I learned a new one this winter and I am very pleased how it turned out.  Here is a picture of the front and back.  The quilt pattern was Disappearing Nine Patch.