Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I went to 3 Christmas Craft Sales and they were hohum but lots of fun and an opportunity to meet new craft people.  Everyone feels the sales are much lower and maybe the economy is making people a bit cautious.  My sales were quite alright and many people were very interest in my quilts.  I didn't sell any but will get them listed back into Etsy soon so local people can shop there as well.

The tan and black quilt I posted last about did not make to any of the markets.  There was just too much work left to do and my neck starts aching if I do too much quilting.  It will be finished as my first project in 2012.

Oh, how I look forward to January every year.  It is my month to vegetate, be lazy, do whatever I want.  The house is still pretty tidy from Christmas, there's lots of food so what is left other than do indulge in your favorite hobbies.  Have I been stocking up on some great fabric sales just for new projects in the new year.  I am going to create my very own first modern quilt.  I have some beautiful Birch fabrics in teals, lime greens, greys, kona snow white.  There are several modern quilt alongs going on throughout blog land and I am going to take blocks from those as my inspirations.  I know this quilt is going to be a row quilt.

Some of the places I have been Online Shopping are Hawthorn Threads, NYC, USA; Honeyfork Fabrics, USA; and Denney's (closing out Cdn. Online Shop).  I love the service Hawthorns provides to Canada and they carry the best designer fabrics at the best prices with a giveaway every week and sales all the time.  Go check these out, I know you will find a few things you will want to treat yourself with.

No pictures today, sorry!  Hope everyone is getting into the festive mood and ready to celebrate with family and friends over the holiday season.  I have this ready for Santa!