Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sorry about the rest of the pictures yesterday.  Here are the little pouches, sunglass case, and microwave fabric bowl. Enjoy!

This fabric bowl is 12" across and will fit several sizes of bowls

I also got another of my chariety quilts completed and I am so happy with how it turned out.  With all this new sewing going on, I might not get another one done for a bit.  I showed you a while back how I was laying out the blocks and it went together so quickly.  From there I did some digging in a tote of backing fabrics and found these cranes, just meant for this quilt.  Here it is ready for someone dealing with Cancer!

I even got to show it to the lady that gave me all her strings.  She was more than pleased with the design and the backing.  I have another string quilt top done but not quilted from her strings.  I guess I will mark it nex on the list.

Canadians, enjoy the Labor Day holiday weekend....I know football has started so there must be some games scheduled!  For my many other visitors, hope your weekend is great with whomever you have around to share it with.

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