Monday, August 29, 2011

Kids started back to school here today, that means summer is pretty well over and the parks shut down after the Labor Day holiday.  It was sure busy getting around town, LOL, our population is 16,000 and you can get across town in 7 minutes.  I love our size, maybe not all the shopping we would like but the way people travel, they can go to a big center for the theatre, concerts and big mall shopping that we don't have.

It has been pretty warm(hot) here so I have been on a sewing binge all week.  I showed you the pretty fabric I received from New York City, well here are some designer pot holders I made with some of it.  I also made these cute little zipper pouches and sun glasses cases.  I found this new microwave pot holder that you put in the microwave with your dish and it is ready when your food is hot and can be used on the table as a pretty hot mat.  Have a look, what do you think?  I am thinking of doing a Christmas Farmers Market this year.  I need to charge $12.00 for each item, would you pay that much?  I am rather out of touch with craft shows, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I can't get anymore pictures added to this post so I will have to show them to you tomorrow.  Until then, have a great evening.

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