Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We are experiencing just a tad bit of Heat the last few days and it feels very HOT and HUMID to us drylanders, he, he!  It is a good time to stay indoors with a fan nearby and do some sewing.

As you probably know, I am so addicted to string quilts and I am always on the lookout for a new style as inspiration.  Here is one I found lately with som white and black center strips.  I am making this a skinny quilt to use as a wall hanger or bed topper.  If I don't like how it progress, I can just change the layout and it will be a throw.  Either way, I know I am going to love this one.
This will be 4 rows across by 8 down but I only have 9 blocks done to do a sample layout.

I did this baby quilt strip style from baby jungle fabric that I have had since maybe 2007.  I get so much inspiration from Mary on Scrap Quilting that it is a daily stop to see what's new.  Such a generous lady quilting most of the quilts for the Heart String Quilters charity group and always sharing finished quilts highlighting the quilting as well.  Here is the start of my strip quilt.

The humidex and temperatures are lower today so we are going to BBQ steak and have a good supper.  I have just about had my fill of sandwiches for a while.
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