Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just a Funny Story

I don't have any new finished items and am struggling with some FMQ issues on my vintage machines. 

I do have a cute story that you might enjoy.  My hubby is in charge of the garden and we have a nice Nanking Cherry bush really loaded with berries that are very tasty.  Of course, our friendly robins, black birds, sparrows and anyone else living near by comes to check on whether or not the berries are ripe.  One day he decided he was not sharing and we own a rubber motion activated frog that we got at the Dollar Store which he mounted on a stick so that when the birds shook the branches around, this frog croaks 2-3 times.  There has not be any birds to speak of testing out this new feature.  Even the dog gets all disturbed when it squawks and wants to find it and kill it!  I picked the berries on the weekend  and left quite a bit for us and the birds to eat.  The berries are still there today.

Another annoying bird we have is Doves.  They try to nest in our evergreen so last year my thinker hubby installed a big rat trap on a board mounted on a stick that he pushed up inside the evergreen.  We never killed a bird with it but I will tell you when that thing went off with a terrific bang, everything evicted the tree.  So we got the Doves out of the evergreen but they just moved to the front yard tree which hangs over our car where they could poop all over it any time they wanted, like all day long.  Yesterday my hubby washed the car and today it is has about 6 big globs of Dove poop on it.  This afternoon I am hearing croaking sounds at the front of the house so the frog has moved locations.  I wonder what the mailman will think if it senses him walking by?  Anyway, we are having a lot of fun  with the frog and maybe he would even scare a burglar away.  Hubby makes me smile every day.

I am off to the Quilting Board to see if anyone has a solution to my problem.  I will try to get some pictures of works in progress later today.
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