Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I actually got a UFO finished in July. This has been a UFO for quite some time. My friend died of a second round of cancer almost 2 years ago and when she was too ill to sew anymore, she asked if I would finish up a few things for her, this quilt being one. I have taken it out so many times and just couldn't work on it, I just miss her so much. Last week I decided this is it but every step was challenged. I wasn't real crazy about the colors and thought it somewhat wild, but with it finished, I like it. So what do you think?

I have been messing around with some other blocks that I received last year on a BB exchange.  I had a theme, Summertime Fun and the blocks were just great.  I don't really need another quilt so I am taking some of them and making them into placemats. I have 2 done and I think they are very pretty.
I also use these small projects to try new quilting designs on.  The one on the right in the purple section I did a dense paisely design and on the left in the purple some straight line stitching.  I hope I can get a few more done before we call summer over.

Hope you are having a great day and some quilting is part of it.  Chat with you again soon.

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