Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Feather in my Bonnet

I have met this lovely lady Dora who is a fabulous quilter and we share a love for vintage machines and using our treadles for FMQ.  Dora made a wonderful tutorial here and I told her I wanted to give it a try so I did last night.  I started out by drawing out the design on paper, I always do it on paper first as it just helps my brain absorb it more.
Sorry about it turning on it's side.  The inside center is the trickiest for sure but with Dora's wonderful pictures, it was very easy to follow.  Then I moved on to the real thing.  I made up 2 sample blocks and I think my first attempt is the best.  I was being distracted trying to do the center better in the second sample and it ended up a lot more wobblier so it tells me I need some more practice before I enter this on any quilt.  If you go to Dora's blog, you will see her lovely quilt finished with all the beautiful plumes.  Thanks Dora for the great tutorial.
Annie was just excited to perform last night and is sitting ready for some more action

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