Monday, January 16, 2012

New Modern Quilt

Oh, I am so excited to start my new modern quilt.  Last night I pulled my fabrics that I have available to use but whether or not I use all of them is still debatable.  Here is what I got, what do you think.
I am going to use blocks from Sew Mama Sew BOM that you can find here just love these patterns and when you scroll down you can see how 1 block will look as an entire quilt.

I have a couple projects to finish up first, of course!  I need to quilt my string quilt so I can take it to the Cancer office.  I need to finish and mail my Doll Quilt for the swap on the Quilting Board.  Bonnie`s mystery quilt Orca can wait a bit long.  It needs lots of work yet and I need to get back in that mood so I can stick with it until it is done.
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