Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Making Things Safe

Today I downloaded my new free anti virus program AVG2012.  I am very happy with how well it all went.  I am not super computer savvy but I manage to get through things.  I ran a couple scans and no items were detected so that always makes me feel good.  I hope you all take a bit of time to do this each year.  It is important to keep your system safe and to ensure your visitors are safe as well.

Other than that, I sewed some strips while scans were running and systems download, etc. so I will have my 20 String  blocks done pretty quickly here.  I am always anxious to see what the layout will look like and I have never had one disappoint me yet.

The Desperate Housewife posted 27 weeks of modern block tutorials and had 27 guests post tutorials.  I have been going through them and picking out some I really like.  I am going to make my very first modern quilt and it is really exciting. 

I also will have some exciting news to announce soon as my first anniversary of blogging is coming up.  I am definitely going to have a give away to celebrate so I am planning what the give away will be.  No pictures this time but hope you are all having some time to work on your quilting projects.
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