Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I am really embarrassed to post today confessing to my lack of posting at all this year.  I am surprised if anyone will even read this post.

Firstly, for the past year and half I have been laid up waiting for a hip replacement.  Unknowingly that I had an Aorta heart valve problem, it got cancelled again and I had heart surgery in February.  It was very successful and I am feeling much better with the new valve.  Then it was more wait time until my health could stand the hip surgery.  I have now had that and I am recovering well. 

Back in April many of us in |Canada had our computers invaded when we were submitting our income tax electronically.  Well, we got caught in that and it cost us $200. to get the computer fixed.  I am still having some unresolved problems, like I can upload pictures to my blog, but I can't get them to display in my posting.  I have one below that I got posted but it has been the only one.  Do any of you have any suggestions of what I might do....I am not to computer savey myself.  My thought is to set up a new blog?

With all of this going on in my life, I have done very little sewing all year.  Now with my health recovering, I expect to get more involved with quilting again.  Below is a tote bag I started in February by making the hexi flowers.  I love the neutral colors and turned this into a tote bag.  Connie over here at Freemotion by the River has a great tutorial to add a zipper closing.  I added one to my bag and found her instructions very easy to follow and it turned out perfect.

If you have lasted this are a great listener and thank you.  I will keep up my posts even without pictures until I  get this problem figured out.

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