Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hi everyone, I am around busy getting organized for my Christmas Craft Show in November.  I am on the surgery list AGAIN....for my second hip so hopefully that happens in September.  I am getting my house prepared for Christmas, a bit of cleaning and my shopping organized.  Boy is it hard to find anything in the clothing line that has any quality in a small community.  I will be having my surgery in Saskatoon and will be going there for a preop session so maybe I will be able to shop a  bit there.

No pictures today but I have knitted quite a few outfits for [pixy girl and some cute shoes in various sizes mainly because I make mistakes and end up with one shoe bigger than the know how this is going.  I haven't done much sewing of any kind all summer and that was my take a break.  I have a beautiful flower bed that has been bursting with color all summer.

Remember a while back I was telling you how annoyed I get with the doves in our neighborhood?  A few weeks back we had 3 small type of hawks (or small falcons) move in and boy we haven't see a dove.  They say nature takes care of it's own so maybe the dove cycle is over....yeah!  Bye for now.
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