Monday, October 22, 2012

Back In Gear

It has been a bit more than a week of recovery and I thank all of you that check in for new updates.  You are such an important part of my quilting ventures.  It is quite an amazing process of getting an artificial hip...3 weeks today....I have absolutely no pain of any kind and just have weakness in that leg.  I am already getting around in the house nicely with a cane.  I am faithful to my exercises as they say they help reduce the pain and strengthen the leg.

I haven't done very much sewing as I couldn't sit for very long and it takes time to get all those drugs out of your system.  I had the hardest time last week to make a pinwheel...just couldn't get the thought process right.  That is all cleared away now.  I do not do much  in seasonal themes but I did do a couple "Hint of Christmas" pot holders.  They still need a bit of quilting to finish them off.  I love the little sign "work for freezer space"! 

I am booked in for a Home Base Business Trade and Craft Show on November 24th.  I paid my fees but wasn't totally convinced I could be ready for this but I am doing really well so I am getting excited.  We have moved to a larger venue and it is only a 1 day event so I am anticipating a larger turnout.
I am putting together a child's quilt from a panel I had.  I am calling it tossed alphabet.  Here I am laying it out for a preview and I am pleased how well everything is fitting together.  I thought I would add squares of the pinwheel fabric set on point across the top and bottom of the banner.  I think I should expand that green outside border to maybe 3".  That striped will be the binding done on the bias.  Any thoughts you might have as to this layout are certainly welcomed.
The original panel was finished with a blue any of you think I should go that route?
Please feel free to leave suggestions and comments that will help me improve on my project...I love to hear from you.

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