Monday, May 28, 2012

I have been missing far too long and when I read my last post, gee there was a few good weather days in there.

Here are a couple pics of the tree being cut.  Our house is on the right.  That machine has a 145 foot bucket and I should have been out there quicker because they were half way down the tree.

Now I have more sunshine in my favorite corner of the yard and where I have my favorite flowers.

I had the best surprise ever for Mother's Day.  My DH, bless him, bought me a quilting magazine and a chocolate bar!  I was overwhelmed that he would actually purchase a quilt book because there is quite a selection but he did a great job.

We had a couple days above 20C in May and then this arrived last week and is expected to end tomorrow....I have not been a happy person!  We started by packing planters into the garage 3 nights.  We finally left them in there and also hauled out blankets and covered other plants and strawberries.  When they announced snow, I quit covering and this is the mess we looked at yesterday.

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