Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hi all, it is Christmas Market time and I have been sooo busy getting ready.  The sales are starting out very slow.  I think that if people can't buy it on a credit card, they can't buy....they don't have money!  I really hope I am wrong.  I have an upcoming Home Trade and Craft Show on the 26th of this month and I am looking forward to that one.  You get a whole different type of shopper at these shows and the people that come are interested in handmade items and are there to do some shopping.

I have one new quilt finished.  I couldn't take more pictures because I need to charge my batteries, that sounds kinda funny, yes and that includes my own batteries!!!  Here is my newest quilt.

Here is the back and a close up.

So many people like the softness of a fleece backing that I thought I would try one for sale.  I had lots of nice comments on it.  I always worry about my pricing which is very good if you look at similar items on Etsy but I had no remarks so that made me feel good.  Regardless of what the public feel, I am not changing my prices.  I have been in Mall shows where you have the uninterested, bored husband waiting, etc. that make comments like "I would never pay that when you can get a good blanket at Walmart".  I have my next show next Saturday , a payday weekend so I am hoping people will be getting into the Christmas spirit.  I will take more pictures then.  Have a great week!

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