Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hi everyone, how's your week going?  Celebrated DH's 70 birthday on April 6, along with it being Good Friday and a full moon.  I have seen more bad calving weather on this date than I care to remember.  The day went well and he was busy with phone calls from family.  We had a great turkey supper and watched the final World Curling Game and Canada Won, Yaa!  Weather is slow to warm with clouds and threats of rain/snow.  This week we got a big tree between our house and the neighbor's house removed.  Many $$$ but glad it is done.  Spent a couple hours cleaning flower beds and that was about it.

I just wanted to post a picture of the little quilt I made for my partner in March.  I know for sure she has now received it.
I have this pattern to make full size 40"x40" but thought if I could do a miniature size, the full size would be a breeze.  It wasn't that hard until I put the machine needle through my finger and it wanted to bleed for 2 days.  I am happy with the outcome and I hope my partner enjoys it.

I don't have any other pictures ready as I am still waiting for good sunshine picture day.  Hope it is tomorrow. 
Tomorrow is Friday, hope everyone has a great weekend.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Hi everyone, well what we thought was spring is now winter againnnn....just not as bad as Edmonton, Alberta.  They have probably had close to 1 foot of wet stuff in the last couple days.  But here, well it has been a bit wet, however, it is going to be very cold for the next couple -5C.  I see buds starting on the fruit trees and the tulips are almost budding so those temps will put an abrupt end to those flowers.  Oh, well, we can only hope everything survives and to keep my mind off of this terrible weather, I have been busy like crazy in my sewing room.  I need a bright day to take pictures but I will show you what I have done lately.

I saw this pattern for a chicken door stop. I had made the little chicken pincushion several years ago and recognized the door stop was the same pattern only made bigger. My first one was of 2 1/2" squares of nice brights. I found a charm pack of them and cut them into 2 1/2" squares. Then I took some iron pelon and made my own grid. Laid out my squares, ironed them down, sewed them in place and chicken door stop

Here is a picture of how I sewed the squares together and inserted a zipper in the bottom so I can add weight.
The second one I made is a little smaller and for one of my good friends that is so generous in sharing her scraps with me.  I made it using mostly strips and I gave it to her for Easter.  They were really fun to make and mine guards my kitchen door and is so perky and bright colored.
Next I was part of the March doll quilt swap.  This is they quilt I received from TN, USA

I really love the border fabric she used and she must know how much I love scrappy quilts because it couldn't be more perfect.  Of course I wasn't so speedy and she hasn't received mine so no picture of that today.  I had an extra couple days delay when I put the machine needle through my finger that continued to bleed for 2 days, not on the quilt fortunately.  And be darned, I almost did the same thing again today to the same finger....I so got my quilting gloves on.

Today I am finishing up a baby quilt made using the "twister 3 1/2" ruler.  I used 2 charm packs of California Girl and I tell you this is such beautiful fabric I want to make more things with it.  If you get a chance, buy as much of it as you can and it will be sold out over and over.  Picture on my next post.

This is it for today!  Please drop by again soon and I'll have more pictures to show.  Have a great weekend.