Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines

Hope you all have had a wonderful day with special people in your life.  My day could not be better!  I awoke smelling fresh coffee and chocolates were on the table, that was a perfect start to my day.  Later in the afternoon we went out for strawberry sundae and coffee.  I did manage to finish my Valentine twister heart.  I don't usually do seasonal projects because I just simply never finish them.....well my sewing machine was certainly trying my patience on this one.  I changed to red thread and then it didn't want to FM nicely and breaking thread and tonight it still is skipping stitches as I was sewing down the border.  Anyway I won and I hope you enjoy this picture.

I don't know how many of you enjoy curling but here in Canada it is a national sport and if you live in small town Saskatchewan, it may be one of the only winter sports you have.  Saturday, the Tournament of Hearts ,which is the Canadian ladies teams, starts for a whole week.  I will have to organize some simple sewing so I can sew on my "Fabric 15-91" while I watch the games.  Another note, we are half way through winter...woo hoo!  Temperatures are starting to rise but we are getting rain and lots of snow but that's okay, it is winter here.  Have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Red and Pink are my Colors

Hi everyone.  Hope you are getting through the winter months and having fun working on projects.  We have just completed a week of a-40 to -45C windchills!  I can tell you I have gotten a few projects done just by staying indoors.  The flue landed hard here even closing one wing of our hospital but I think the cold windchills have taken care of those bugs.

Here is my second finish for 2013, a snowball quilt.  I was super excited to find some flower quilting designs while visiting Marcia's Quilting Blog.  She has a longarm quilting business and does beautiful work.  I have always struggled with flowers, just can't keep them round.  Now seeing how Marcia does hers inspired me to try again  and I think they are okay, at least, the best I have done so far.

The photos could be better, however, this was during the snowy freezing weather dull days.  I made this quilt entirely out of scraps.....maybe about 600 2-1/2" squares.  It looks real pretty all finished up and will be going to a cancer patient.

Since it is February and I have time to play a little, I am working on Connie's twister heart project and you can see her tutorial here
Here I am so far....

See the tiny 2 1/4" template I used to cut the squares.  I have never done this tiny of twister blocks so I used my scissors to cut the blocks apart after I traced the template with a FriXion pens.  When I get it done, I am going to link to Connie's Freemotion on the River. Connie is also having a giveaway today if you live in the US.   Have a great day everyone.